Change is always a challenge . . .

After 48 years as a practicing physician, I’ll be retiring from Providence Medical Group on April 25, 2018. It is always hard to leave your profession, because you have to leave the reason you were drawn to it, and that is you, the patient. I hope I have provided you some guidance and nourishment that will continue to sustain you, and lead you to healthful choices.

As we both move forward, I’d like to suggest some alternatives for your on-going care.

I am aware of no physicians in our area who are concurrently board certified in family medicine, holistic medicine, functional medicine and medical acupuncture. However, there are several physicians who offer credentials in functional medicine, including:

            Victoria Buckner, DO   •  Functional Medicine & Wellness Solutions
            3205 Wilmington Pk., Kettering, Ohio     Phone: 937-985-5289

            Kristen Harding, MD   •  Whole Medicine
            7657 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio     Phone: 513-549-0494

            Nathan Morris, MD   •   Good Medicine
            5235 Morning Sun Rd., Oxford, Ohio     Phone: 513-273-9944

            Lauri Nandyal, MD   •  Wyoming Family Practice
            305 Crescent Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio     Phone: 513-821-0275

There are a number of acupuncturists to choose from in our area. Please make sure that the one you select is licensed in medical acupuncture, with traditional Chinese training, or has MD or DO certification.

To discuss these alternatives, to schedule an appointment, or for supplements or prescriptions, please call the office at 937-886-9017, or log on to your patient portal, and we will respond promptly.

Life is a journey, as is health. The quest is to find and maintain a balance between harmony and disharmony. Thank you for letting me be a traveler with you on part of your journey.

With fond regards,

Dr. Barry